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Announcing CIT-DY, a new checklist for children with complex trauma


CIT-DY is a newly developed comprehensive checklist geared for parents/caregivers, clinicians and educators to fill out electronically or via a hand filled version. This checklist is to be used  for children as young as three years old through 18 years old. It is a guide to assist in assessing and diagnosing children with complex trauma.


CIT-DY is a developmentally sensitive, systematic rating of multiple factors (history of types of familial & treatment placements, treatment episodes, medications & diagnoses) that are frequently associated with children and adolescents who experienced early and chronic trauma and can consequently develop dissociation.


CIT-DY also provides a rating system of a child’s exposure to and experience of traumatic events from prenatal to 18 years old, and a rating system of dissociative symptoms.


CIT-DY’s comprehensive collection of information provides an analysis of a child's history and any dissociative symptoms that can lead to meaningful treatment.  

Click the links below for the introductory letter about CIT-DY, checklist versions and the consent form.


Note: When opening the CIT-DY electronic version, enable macros that allow the scores to be automatically added when CIT-DY is saved.

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Checklist of Indicators of Trauma & Dissociation in Youth

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