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Licensed in Marriage & Family Counseling

Pathways To Self Discovery and Healing

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Certified in EMDR

Certified in Havening

Announcing CIT-DY, a new checklist for children with complex trauma

Not only will you understand how the child becomes fragmented and the internal struggles that exist within the child, but you will also learn how to detect dissociative symptoms in the child for effective intervention. You then can begin to learn how to dismantle the walls that have been built up within the child’s mind from aversive events, e.g. sexual, physical and emotional abuse, painful surgeries, intrusive medical interventions, and catastrophic events. You will learn how to help the child to dismantle those internal walls, safely process traumatic events, repair attachment problems with caretakers, peers, and teachers, perform well academically and go on to lead a healthy, functional life.


You will be taken through the complex process of what the child may be internally experiencing to moving through the healing process of helping the child become a unified self.


To learn more about dissociation, please go to http://www.isst-d.org/. This website also provides FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) for parents and teachers.


Please take the time to contact Fran Waters if you have questions or have an interest in learning more about the counseling and training that are available.


Invited Presenter

Fran Waters has conducted both national and international training sessions on a wide variety of counseling topics for the past 20 years. These trainings are designed to assist those who work with traumatized children and adolescents.

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With years of clinical experience and 100s of hours of presentations, the training she offers will take your knowledge base and understanding to a new level.


These trainings can consist of ½ day to 5 days of training. Programs are designed to meet the needs of the professional’s request.

Sample of Professional Training That Is Offered:


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Established Years of Experience

Learning the internal mind of traumatized

children and how dissociative symptoms present

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